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Special Offer 2

Price : € 188 per person
Duration : 2 yada 3 Days
Start Time : 05:00-09:30
End Time : 08:00-16:00
When you book a Red tour and a hot air balloon flight together, you will receive a free sunset walking tour.
Day-1 Hot Air Balloon Flight

You will be picked up from our hotel around sunrise ( it really is the best time of the day ) and transfer you to the home of Balloon company. You will be offered a light breakfast while pilots check the weather conditions and decide on the best launch site for the preferred flight path. Once at the launch site there will be a full safety briefing and you will have first hand experience of the balloon inflation. The crew will help you into the basket and when everyone is happy and comfortable, the moment you have dreamt of...up, up and away! Below you, a unique landscape, a combination of natural beauty and a deep and complex history. From the balloon you will see it, feel it and fall in love with it. At the end of a fantastic Hot Air Balloon flight you will celebrate the experience with champagne, shared stories and friendship. Before you return to our hotel, passengers each receive a personalised commemorative flight certificate.

Day-2 Red Tour

The tour starts with a photo stop to the iconic Uchisar castle, the highest point in Cappadocia Next stop is the Göreme Open Air Museum where you will see some of the best preserved and documented ancient churches over 1000 years old. A visit to see Love valley Panorama. A stop for lunch. After lunch, Avanos where pottery making is a local craft dating back perhaps 5000 years, you will visit a Pottery and Ceramic workshop. You can even have a go on the potter’s wheel if you are game. Next stop is in Pasabag to see the unique fairy chimneys, including the multi-headed chimneys. Wander through the Devrent Valley and see how many animal representations you can find amongst the rocks! And finally, before returning to the hotel, you will enjoy a stop in Urgup to sample some of the local wines.

Day-3 Free Sunset walking tour

You will be picked up from our hotel 2,5 hours before sunset time and transferred to the tour starting point. Places that you will visit in the tour: Swords Valley; Swords Valley, located between Goreme Valley and Aktepe, is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia for the walking tour. The Swords Valley, which is only accessible by foot and is prohibited from entering by motorized vehicles, hosts a second church group after the Göreme Open Air Museum. Featuring white tuff rocks, fairy chimneys, tunnels and cliffs that pass through the waterway, Swords has an impressive appearance and fruit trees and vineyards, as well as yellow-red tones created by different vegetation, and unique frames for photographers. Girls Castle; You will see this amazing castle at the end of the Swords Valley. When you go there, you can be sure to take great pictures. Red Valley; The Red Valley, which has all the characteristics of Cappadocia, has red tuff rocks. You can watch a feast here in the evenings after the sun rises during the sunset. You can have a wonderful walking process by seeing the pigeons between the red views of the surrounding area accompanied by a smooth path. Accompanied by the vineyards, this magnificent road is accompanied by those who wish to see the church until the Crusader Church. Rose Valley; The Rose Valley has taken its name from the rocks that turn into red roses in daylight, changing according to season and weather conditions. The reflection of the sunset in the fairy chimneys is cross-legged in the rocks, and this is why Cappadocia was one of the ways of sightseeing. This natural beauty of the valley has been given by the horizontal rocks formed by the rainwater descending from the high. Another beauty that makes Rose Valley special is that there are many churches and monasteries built in different periods. As in all Cappadocia, volcanic formations which can be carved easily have been the living space for people for centuries. At the end of the sunset walking tour in Cappadocia, you will be transferred back to our hotel.