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Welcome to Cappadocia, the amazing wonderland right in the middle of Turkey. Extraordinary, soaring rock formations. Wonderful walking paths. Interesting underground cities and rock-cut churches. A troglodyte lifestyle that dates back to the Middle Ages. All of this and much more...

Doesn't matter what your interests are , you are bound to love Cappadocia, one of the most beautiful and historically fascinating part of Turkey. It's also a region that has been welcoming visitors for more than 25 years which mean that you can be sure not just of a warm welcome but, also of accommodation and places to eat to suit your every need.

Luxury Cave Hotel In Cappadocia

Thousands of years ago volcanic mountains , Mts Erciyes, Hasan and Melendiz, spewed out layer upon layer of thick tuff which blanketed the countryside for miles around. Over the centuries the wind and rain worked their magic on the soft rock, carving out spectacular gorges and leaving behind the dramatic pinnacles of rock - the 'fairy chimneys' - that have created the Cappadocian moonscape.

But Cappadocia has always been much more than its dramatic scenery. Humans, too, have left their unique mark on the region, carving cave storerooms, cave stables, cave houses and even entire underground cities out of the rock. To this day many of the soaring pinnacles are still inhabited and many of the rock-cut storerooms are still stuffed with grapes, lemons, potatoes and flat bread waiting for the winter.

Long time ago Cappadocia was inhabited by Christians who also carved hundreds of cave churches, chapels and monasteries out of the rock. Many of these churches were decorated with frescoes of medieval saints whose ghostly images still gaze down from the walls. In the 21st century these ancient churches make some of the most remarkable sights for visitors.