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Turkish Bath

Price : € 25 per person
Start Time : 21:00 dan önce herhangi bir zamanda
End Time : 22:00
Hamams were an integral part of Turkish Ottoman culture for centuries. Like hot/steam baths in other parts of the world the hamam can trace its roots back to the ancient Greeks and the Romans. But the Ottomans can perhaps be praised for their wholehearted adoption of the bathhouse as a place for luxurious feasting, fun and frolics (as well as for getting clean of course). For the Ottomans, and for later Turks, getting ready to go for a day trip to the hamam meant finding, preparing and packing up towels, brushes, henna, kohl, special soap and, mother of pearl inlaid pattens. Then there was lots of food and drink, If there were servants in the household they would be taken along and some people even took their pets! After their bath and massage the ladies would tidy their eyebrows, dye their hair, hands and feet with henna and remove unwanted hair with either wax, sugar or a thread of cotton. There is a beautiful new hamam in Göreme with separate sections for men and women and same sex masseurs. The hamam is only a short walk away but we can usually give you a lift if you like. In the high season, especially for evening sessions, it is essential to make a reservation.
Included :
Face mask